Northeast Contemporary Services, Inc.  (NCSI)


COVID-19 Update #9 – 5/28/21


NCSI’s current program hours are 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (not including route transportation time).

As of the first week of June, 42 Adult and Senior consumers will have returned to on-site service at our Roseville location; and, many consumers are still participating in our remote service “NCSI@Home.”

Everyone is encouraged to re-read our “COVID-19 Preparedness Plan,” which was revised today and includes participation requirements, before making the decision to return to on-site service: ncsi-covid_19_preparedness_plan-revised-for-052821.  As you’ll see, we are serving consumers in consistent cohorts distanced 3 feet apart, and staff wear masks when serving consumers.  Consumers must wear masks while riding transportation; while on-site, consumers are strongly encouraged but not required to wear masks.

People considered by the CDC to be at higher-risk for COVID-19 are still strongly encouraged to stay home per the Governor’s “stay safe” order.

Prior to a consumer returning to NCSI, her/his legal representative must sign and submit this permission form: ncsi_covid-19-waiver-of-liability_final-060520

Every day before coming to NCSI, consumers and their parents/guardians/residential service providers are required to self-monitor for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 using this screening checklist: ncsi_covid-19-screening-checklist-for-consumers

If you have questions, please contact our executive director Jennifer Freeburg at Jennifer.Freeburg@northeastcontemporaryservices.org or 651-636-3343 ext. 101.


Those Seeking Services

Find what you are seeking!  If you are seeking distinctively different service options for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we invite you to explore our website and discover what we have to offer.  While our website will provide introductory information regarding the services we offer, we also encourage you to contact us to arrange a time to visit and discuss in depth how the services NCSI provides are distinctively different and tailored to meet individual needs and desires.  For admission/referral inquiries, please contact our executive director Jennifer Freeburg at Jennifer.Freeburg@northeastcontemporaryservices.org or 651-636-3343 ext. 101.


If you are an employer seeking workforce solutions that will benefit your business, please visit the Employer Services section of our website.  Whether you are interested in hiring individuals referred by NCSI and/or contracting with NCSI to complement your workforce needs, we invite you to contact us today!


NCSI is currently seeking a full-time Case Manager/Program Specialit for our Senior Service based in Roseville, MN; click here: ncsi-program-specialist-senior-service-job-posting for the job posting.