Transportation Service FAQ

What other transportation choices do I have?

If you prefer, you can choose to not use the NCSI Transportation Service.  Other transportation options that are currently being utilized by individuals receiving services from NCSI include using Metro Mobility or Metro Transit, getting rides from their family members or residential service providers, and driving their own vehicles.  If you elect to not use the NCSI Transporation Service, we will not bill a third party for any transportation services.  So, if you want to be reimbursed for any transportation-related costs you might incur, you will need to discuss that possibility with your County Case Manager.

Can I get a ride to work on an NCSI van?

Once you have a job, getting to and from work is an important part of keeping it!  The staff at NCSI will help you find the best option for your transportation to and from work.  This might mean that you use the NCSI Transportation Service to travel to and/or from your workplace.  It might also mean that you may use Metro Mobility.  Sometimes you might use a combination of both, or even other options that might work well.  If you use Metro Mobility, NCSI staff have a lot of experience with that system, and will help you apply to become certified to use Metro Mobility and will work with you to schedule the rides you need.  The key is coming up with a transportation plan that gets you to your job on time – that is what the NCSI staff will do for you!

How do I cancel my ride if I use the NCSI Transportation Service?

As soon as you know you will not need a ride, call the NCSI Transportation Service office at 651-489-6100.  If no one is in the office when you call, leave a message.  Our telephone answering system is operational 24/7, so you can leave a message any time.  It’s very important that you cancel a ride if you don’t need it.  NCSI provides over 200 rides every day, and it helps us to make our routes as efficient as possible for our riders if we know of changes ahead of time.

Why does my ride sometimes come earlier or later than I expected?

Just like everyone, our drivers encounter many unexpected situations as they drive.  Bad weather, road construction, short and long detours, traffic jams, and traffic accidents can all change the amount of time it takes to travel from point A to point B!  Also, there may be delays at other riders’ homes that might impact the route.

Sometimes, if there are unreported cancellations on a route, the driver will find they are completing the route ahead of schedule.  Because it is not in the best interest of the riders to stop or slow a route in progress, the driver will continue on the route, possibly arriving at subsequent destinations somewhat earlier than scheduled.

Whenever possible, the driver or other NCSI staff will try to contact you to let you know when the route is running markedly early or late.

Can I change to a different van?

It may be possible to change to a different van if there is another route that runs close to where you live, and the vehicle has room for another rider and can accommodate your transportation needs.  You can ask your NCSI Case Manager or Program Specialist to check with the Transportation Service Operations Manager to see if this is possible.  However, don’t be surprised if there are no other vehicles from NCSI in your neighborhood.  To have the routes run smoothly and on-time, we cluster the rides from each neighborhood together.  So, the route you are on is likely the one that best fits with your address and your transportation needs.