Senior Service

The Northeast Contemporary Services, Inc. (NCSI) Senior Service offers individuals the opportunity to join fun and creative activities that support their retirement from work and/or other traditional day services.

At their bright, cheery, and fully accessible location in Roseville, the seniors of NCSI can paint, bead, do ceramics, play cards, cook, practice Tai Chi, sew, plant, visit with friends, sing, read, feed the pets, and stay as active as they choose to be.  Each group is designed to promote positive ways for the seniors to spend their leisure time, connect with others, and have fun!

In addition to the busy on-site groups, NCSI seniors can join trips into their neighborhoods, such as to farmers’ markets, parks, museums, stores, zoos, ice cream parlors, libraries, restaurants, and other fun destinations.  Special activities and events such as sponsoring a baby Orangutan at the Como Zoo, organizing a linen drive for a wildlife rehabilitation center, visiting friends recuperating at nursing homes, making and delivering May Day baskets, donning Red Hats for luncheons, and joining groups at local senior centers provide opportunities for enriching, integrative experiences.

The staff members of the NCSI Senior Service specialize in the unique support needs of an aging individual with developmental disabilities.  Through close partnerships with residential service providers, legal representatives, county case managers, family members, and other members of the team, NCSI staff strive to provide holistic services to each senior that are focused on their health, safety, and happiness!

Comments from Individuals Receiving Services:

It’s the best program I’ve been at.  There’s plenty to do here.

I like being with my friends.

I really like the staff here.

I like everything I do here.

I like the outings – especially the lunch outings.

I like the Red Hat Society outings.

I really enjoy the Blue Cap Group activities.

I like to come here.

I like going out and doing things and seeing some friends.

I like being with others.

I can get away from home and do enjoyable things.

Comments from Families, Social Workers, and Others:

Wonderful variety of activities.

My sister is very happy in the program – probably the happiest she has been in years.

Thank you for the respect you show my client.

Staff are very kind, and they keep trying to engage client.

Good communication with home.

I like the way Consumer is encouraged to participate.  An excellent job of keeping her involved.

Staff are very good with communication.

NCSI has gotten to know Consumer well and manages her activities to suit her abilities and personality.

I feel that staff at NCSI care deeply about their clients and it shows in their quality of work.  Consumer LOVES going to NCSI every day!

I’d like to see your program replicated at other locations, but much of your success is probably due to particular staff and the training they receive.

I am very pleased with the NCSI services.  Staff are friendly, communicate well, and care for my client.  I have even referred other Case Managers to your services!

You excel at providing services and community outings!

Consumer loves her day program!