Contract with NCSI to provide workers at your location.

Reduce Employee Costs – You pay NCSI a negotiated rate, while we assume responsibility for all wages and applicable payroll taxes.

Reduce Training and Supervision Time and Expense – Our professional staff trains and supervises the work crew, assuring you that the assigned work is completed according to the quality standards you establish.

Improve Productivity – The workers are always there when needed; we coordinate all transportation and provide replacement workers as necessary.

Contract with NCSI to have work completed at our location.

Create Flexibility and Expand Capacity – We can help with a variety of jobs, large or small, on-going or short-term, overruns or special projects.

Reduce Costs – NCSI can reduce the high cost of maintaining under-utilized employees, using skilled employees for routine tasks, or hiring temporary employees, assisting you to expand capacity without increasing overhead costs.

Get Quality Workmanship with On-Time Completion and Delivery – You can rely on our professional staff to assure that all work is completed to your quality standards and within the time frame you specify, and we can accommodate a variety of pick-up and delivery requirements.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Freeburg, Executive Director, at 651-636-3343 x101 or