Adult Service FAQ

Can you help me find a job?

Yes!  In today’s job market, everyone needs all the help they can get in finding a job, getting hired, and staying employed!  From connecting with an employer that is hiring, to filling out the application, to going to the interview, to arriving for that first day of work, the services offered by NCSI’s Employment Coordinator will be behind you every step of the way!  If you already have a job and just want someone working with you and for you should something change, the services at NCSI can help with that too.

Do I need to come to the service site if all I want is a job?

No!  If all you are interested in is finding a job, you can arrange meetings with the NCSI Employment Coordinator either at NCSI or at your home, a restaurant, wherever!  You will get the same individualized attention that those who come to our service site receive.

Keep in mind that many job-seekers find friends and interesting activities and classes at NCSI’s service site in Roseville.  You may want to check out the group schedule and discuss with your NCSI Case Manager whether coming to the site, even on a part-time basis, might provide you with more social and learning opportunities than are currently available to you.

How do I get to NCSI?

NCSI operates its own Transportation Service, which provides rides for nearly all of the individuals enrolled at the Adult Service.  This includes daily rides to and from your home, as well as rides to and from work and volunteer sites.  For those who use public transit (Metro Mobility, Metro Transit, etc.), NCSI staff will work to assure these options meet the needs of the rider.

Do I need to bring a lunch?

Yes.  NCSI does not provide lunch, so you will need to bring a lunch with you.  There are refrigerators and microwave ovens available for your use.  NCSI staff are present during lunch breaks and are always available to help.

What happens on a typical day?

You will arrive at the service site by 9:00 a.m. and join a ‘Start Up’ group led by your NCSI Case Manager.  During the next half hour you will obtain a copy of the day’s schedule and have time to connect with your friends at NCSI.  If you need to prepare to leave for work, obtain a Metro Mobility voucher, meet with the Employment Coordinator, practice a personal skill, etc., this is the time you will do that!  From 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and again from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., you will join one of six groups for staff-led classes covering topics like social skills, budgeting, self-advocacy, crafts, and work skills.  Classes are one hour long, so you will have the opportunity to take part in several different classes and interact with different staff and groups of people throughout the day.  Between classes, you will have a lunch break and time to pursue your special interests.  At the end of the day, 3:00 p.m., it’s time to leave for home!

In addition to the groups, you may participate in work or a volunteer experience, either on your own or with a NCSI Job Coach.  You may also take part in other activities that happen in the community, such as a walking group, a library trip, an adopt-a-park visit, etc.

There are many great things about the days at NCSI – they are organized, the groups use materials and curriculum that have been carefully selected, and the staff involve everyone and make the activities fun!  You will have somewhere to be and something to do each day you are with us!

What about contract work?

NCSI holds a Sheltered Workshop Certificate and has several open contracts that provide those who are at the service site with the opportunity to work.  Typical contracts involve entry-level assembly/packaging or light clerical work, that are paid on a piece-rate basis.  Recent jobs completed have included packaging gourmet dog biscuits, assembling event information cards, filling individual gift packages for residents of homeless shelters, and packaging hardware items.  Currently, an in-house enterprise is being developed that would create items to be made and packaged by NCSI and sold by local retailers.

How big is NCSI and will I get lost in the crowd?  Do you have more than one site?

NCSI has only one location for employment and life skill learning, and will not have more than 80 individuals on site.  Due to this small-by-design feature of our services, people served by NCSI are afforded individualized, personalized supports from an attentive, engaged staff.

What if I don’t know anyone at NCSI?

Everyone at NCSI is going to make you feel welcome and safe!  In fact, many new friendships are made from the very first day and lots of people also stay in touch with their NCSI friends in the evening and on the weekend, at recreational events, church, Special Olympics, and other neighborhood and community events and locations.  The staff at NCSI are here to help you get to know everyone and will do all they can to make you feel comfortable!

What if I am still in school?

You won’t be able to start coming to NCSI officially until your school program ends, but you can make all the plans that will make the move from school to NCSI really easy!  First, after you are accepted at NCSI, the NCSI Case Manager that will be working with you here will schedule a time to visit you at your school.  They would love to see you in your classes and at your job, as well as attend your school IEP meetings.  Next, we try to arrange visits for you to NCSI with either someone from your school or home accompanying you.  The more visiting you can do the better!  Once you have gone through your graduation program (Congratulations!) we will be ready to start working for you!