Adult Service

The Northeast Contemporary Services, Inc. (NCSI) Adult Service and Supported Employment Service options assist those seeking a job to enhance their employability skills, explore work opportunities, and find meaningful employment.  Under the guidance of the NCSI Employment Coordinator, individuals are offered services ranging from on-site work skills classes and contract work to individual meetings off-site and on-the-job coaching.  For those requesting support once a job has been established, NCSI can provide follow-along services and can quickly be made available for emergent needs.

For those not seeking employment or wanting to augment their work days with other services, NCSI offers a structured curriculum-based program at its inviting Roseville location.  On-site and in the community, participants can join groups focused on lifelong learning, recreation, and volunteer service.

The staff of NCSI have been commended for their commitment to quality, their high level of involvment with individuals, and their clear and consistent communication with family and team members.  Case management services are provided by NCSI staff who have earned Bachelor’s degrees, with many currently having completed post-graduate studies.  The small size of the NCSI service community allows each staff member to have a personal relationship with all of the participants and promotes the individualized care and attention that can be unattainable within larger services.

The best way to learn about the NCSI Adult Service is to come and experience it for yourself — please contact us today to arrange for a visit!  And, please read the following comments from our constituents.

Comments from Individuals Receiving Services:

I have lots of friends here at NCSI.  This place is the best.

I like that there’s a planned schedule and a variety of activities.

I like all of my jobs.

I like being able to choose some of the things I do.

I like the staff.

I like the building – it’s cool.

I like working at my job.

I like volunteering and helping out.

Comments from Families, Social Workers, and Others:

I continue to be impressed by the person-centered approach of NCSI.  The consumer is obviously more than just a “client”.

NCSI does well at helping people find jobs.

Great staff – low turnover.

Communication is good.

NCSI is respectful and responsive to Consumer’s changing needs.

NCSI hires responsible and caring staff.

Consumer enjoys going to work.

We are very pleased with the services NCSI has provided.

I think NCSI is a great program and hires great staff.  Staff at NCSI are top notch and you can tell they enjoy their jobs and the clients they work with.