About Us

For over 50 years, Northeast Contemporary Services, Inc. (NCSI) has been providing exemplary services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities as they explore and participate in employment and career building, educational and independent living skill building, and exciting retirement opportunities.  They are assured individualized attention and customized support from professional staff committed to quality services.

The Adult Service and Supported Employment Service both have a focus on employment, including job procurement, resume design, employment application completion, interview skill building, on-the-job coaching, and follow-along services.  In addition, our highly structured curriculum-based services provide individuals with opportunities for lifelong learning, recreational, and volunteer experiences on-site and in the community.

The Senior Service is designed to provide fun and inclusive recreational activities for elders, encouraging them to stay connected to others and their communities.  At NCSI, seniors can enjoy a wide array of supported retirement services, on a schedule that meets their needs and is of their own choosing.  The staff of the Senior Service are committed to supporting individuals through the aging process and are renowned for their level of expertise and attentive care.